Are you in a situation where youve charged too much on your credit cards and are now struggling to find a way to meet all the payments each month?

Youre not alone. Thousands of Americans are in the same situation.

Dont give up and think youve gotten in too deep with your financial troubles. There are some great ways to help you reduce your credit card debt and get you back on track.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

There are banks willing to roll your credit card balances over to a debt consolidation personal loan. Not only will you get rid of all those credit cards and the high interest charges that go with them, but youll only have to worry about one repayment each month.

Your new personal loan will have a lower interest rate than your previous credit cards had, so youll be saving money on interest and your repayments will also be much lower.

Check Your Spending

You might be able to go over your current spending habits and see what you can cut back on to try and save a little extra money to put toward reducing your credit card debt. Even small savings out of your regular spending can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments, so never think even little amounts are too small. They all add up!

Unwanted Items

Spring clean your house or garage and see what you might be able to put up on eBay or sell in a yard sale. Youll be surprised at what people are willing to buy. Just because you think something might not be worth much money, someone else might think its just what theyve been searching for.

You might not make much money, but even a couple hundred dollars is better paid off your debts than sitting unused in your closet or garage.


When financial times are good people tend to buy more expensive items than they really need. Consider trading that expensive car sitting in the drive for something more economical. A smaller car could mean lower repayments which makes your budget a little easier each month.

Debt Settlement

If youre already in over your head and the banks wont help you to consolidate your credit card debt, you could consider debt settlement or debt negotiation.

A professional debt settlement company might be able to help you to negotiate your outstanding debts and try to work out payment options with your current bank or lender. They may also be able to negotiate for lower interest charges on your behalf.

Always check that the company you deal with is registered with the BBB.

Reducing credit card debt is often something people avoid thinking about, believing its too hard or too difficult. You really can speed up your credit card debt reduction plan by facing the truth and beginning your plan today.

With just a little discipline and some focus you really can start to wipe out your credit card debt by using even small tips like these.

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